Waiting For A Plane XXIX – Basel

There are early flights, then there’s this jaunt to Rome for Easter.

My wife convinced me we didn’t need to leave the house that early. After all, we were already checked in. But I wanted to line up. I had been told that on easyJet if you aren’t among the first to board, your carry-on goes in the hold. I didn’t want to be separated from my computer, nor did I want to hold it in my lap for the entire flight.

So we compromised, leaving the house shortly before 4 a.m. and clearing security and arriving at the departure gate at 5.

The airport is bustling. Well. For the most part.

Lots of people were lined up to go through security. Lots of flights scheduled for European destinations. I suppose it is possible to have a nice day trip to a lot of cities. We’ll be in Rome by 7:45, though we are going for more than a day.

Lots of people – but at that this hour there is only one duty-free shop open. That struck me as strange – you would think any chance to separate people from their cash would be a chance taken.IMG_20180331_0509458

Stranger still: the restaurants and coffee shops all appeared to be closed. That truly is bizarre. How are people supposed to get their caffeine fix? How can a German function without their breakfast bun?

I will admit, it is quiet here. Many people have their eyes closed and conversations are all muted. Maybe no-one wants caffeine.

We all just want to get where we are going.


Basel Europort – 5 a.m. March 31, 2018

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