Coffee To Go

Canadians love their coffee, especially the home-grown chain Tim Hortons. Forget Starbucks and other specialty stores, for most Canadians the day starts (and sometimes ends) with a visit to “Timmie’s.” It is part of the fabric that is Canada.

At this point I must confess I have never tasted Tim Hortons coffee. Over the years I have been to Timmie’s hundreds of times, but I am not a coffee drinker (though I do have a weakness for their doughnuts). I’ve bought coffee for friends, spent hours socializing in on of the shops, but, though I love the aroma, I won’t drink their coffee. Or any coffee.

Just writing that has me pining for a doughnut, but I will have to wait. In Ottawa you can’t walk more than two or three blocks before coming to a Tim Hortons. I think the closest Timmie’s to Sulzburg is in Glasgow; I’m not going to drop in on my way to work.  My wife can have her Timmie’s fix daily, thanks to some very kind people in Canada who mailed her a kilo of coffee. She rations herself; no more than one cup a day.

What brought all this to mind was a news headline I saw online yesterday. I burst out laughing; it was so Canadian.

I know Canadians like their Tim Hortons coffee, but sometimes they take that liking to extremes. In Bouctouche, New Brunswick on Monday a couple of suspected bank robbers stopped at a Tim Hortons drive-thru immediately following the robbery of a bank in a neighbouring town. Their need for their favorite coffee delayed them long enough for police to catch up to them. Where they are going next, there is no Timmie’s.

Bank robbery is rare in Canada, and not very lucrative. If my memory serves me correctly, the average is less than two thousand dollars per heist. It isn’t like winning the lottery, and the ill-gotten gains run out quickly. That means bank robbers tend to repeat the act until the get caught.

Tim Hortons has from time to time run a series of “true stories” television commercials featuring what they see as quintessential Canadian stories. Somehow, I don’t think the story of the bank robbers at the drive thru will be in the company’s advertising anytime soon. But maybe it should be.

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  1. We loved Tim Hortons when we were travelling across Canada last year. Not just the coffee either, great for quick snacks and sandwiches. Miss them in Europe although I hear they are branching out this way.

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