I have a friend who likes to get together at the local coffee shop. It is part of an international chain that seems to me to sell the  experience more than the beverage.

I’m not a coffee drinker, not a fan of any hot drink really, so on those occasions when I do drink I order a hot chocolate. Yes, there are juice options and probably soft drinks, but the prices of those are even more exorbitant than what the place charges for its coffee.

Invariably I get a confused look when I order. To me the drinks come in small, medium and large, but apparently I’m supposed to order in what appears to be Italian. I don’t know what a vente is, just give me the size I asked for. If I want to order in Italian I will go to Rome, not Ottawa.

The whole coffee culture seems a little bit pretentious to me (and that is phrasing it politely). So I appreciated this picture that came my way when I was online.

Yes, I know it is clever marketing on behalf of the coffee shop involved, which is probably not part of an international chain and therefore has to do something to stand out. Still, it is nice to see that someone is willing to call a hot beverage by its name.


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