More Scammers

I guess it had to happen sometime. I got my first spam email with my work account.

Apparently some information is missing from my PayPal account. I’d be perturbed if the email was addressed to me. However, it was addressed to “Costumer.” With the note “Pleas read this email.”

I don’t work in the theatre, so I have no need for a costumer. Nor does threatening me with limitations on my account if I don’t update my information within 72 hours have any effect on me. The images might have been convincing – but they got filtered out by the email program. Not to mention that this was a work email – I don’t have it linked to anything like PayPal.

I’m always tempted to respond to such missives. Not that I believe them to be genuine, but because I want to waste the scammers time. I don’t though. Too much chance of my computer getting infected with some sort of bug that would require time and effort to eradicate.

I gather scamming people in this way must be a lucrative business – so many people seem to try it. I have received emails purporting to be from most of the major Canadian and American banks. If it is one I actually have an account with I report the email to their security department. But I never click the links.

I read somewhere that misspellings such as the one in this “Paypal” email are deliberate. The thieves want to filter out the people who are not going to be taken in by the hoax. They want the gullible, who might be convinced to part with large sums of money as well as their personal information. If true that is more brain power than I gave these scammers credit for.

If they are that smart, then why aren’t they making their money in a legitimate fashion?

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