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Never Look At The Empty Seats

He’s a simple man (by his own words) and releases his autobiography today. If you aren’t already a fan you probably won’t care enough to read it. But maybe you should reconsider Never Look At The Empty Seats. Charlie Daniels has spent more than 50 years as a musician, doing his own thing for the […]


A roadside stand in Ihrlingen, unattended. You put your money in the red container if you are going to take anything.  The sign is a reminder though to those who may be tempted. “Das 7. Gebot: Du sollst nicht stehlen” translates as “The seventh commandment: Thou Shall Not Steal.” That’s from Exodus 20:15 in The […]

Harvest Festival II

One of the highlights of the Harvest Festival in Ihringen was visiting the Lutheran church in the town. The altar was decorated for he festival, and special Thanksgiving services were held. Pretty much everyone who visited the town dropped by the church to see how it had been decorated.

Harvest Festival

Caught the tail end of the parade in Ihringen last Sunday. Thousands of people were lining the streets, tourists mostly as it is a small town. I couldn’t get close to the action and had to settle for some shots from farther away. I think the throngs may be explained by the sharing of the […]

The Unreal Thing

I’m not sure I would be described as a cola connoisseur, or maybe I would. I have taken the Pepsi Challenge on more than one occasion. I can tell the difference between diet cola (which has one calorie) and a zero-calorie cola. If I thought about it I could probably tell you what container the […]

An Untimely Passing

Gord Downie, lead vocalist of The Tragically Hip, died yesterday. He was 53. Coverage of his death dominated Canadian news. It seems fitting therefore to repeat my thoughts on The Hip and Gord Downie that were published here 14 months ago. END OF THE ROAD? August 20, 2016 Tonight Canada pauses. The Olympics are forgotten. Wars […]

High Rollers

I have read that in Las Vegas big money gamblers get special treatment. Free hotel rooms, even free flights too and from the city. I’ve never been to Las Vegas, and even if I were to visit I wouldn’t be gambling. I understand that the games are set so that the casino always wins over […]