An Alert State

Driving along Interstate 91 in Vermont on the way home from vacation last month I saw the signs frequently that read: Moose – Stay Alert. They were in the traditional black and yellow caution colours. (Since I was driving I couldn’t take a picture, the accompanying photo is from the internet and not exactly what it looked like.)40_4449335_2_1498758199_636x435

Two things struck me. The first was how impressive it is that Vermont’s moose are literate. In Ontario we don’t have signs like that; our moose can’t read.

The second thing was this nagging question: why are the moose so sleepy that they need constant reminders to stay alert? The scenery is beautiful‎ after all; I can’t see anyone voluntarily closing their eyes. Then again, I will admit I don’t know anything about moose and their ability to take in what is around them. Maybe they are naturally so docile that without the constant reminders they would close their eyes.Moose sign

Which could be disastrous if they were driving. No wonder they have so many accidents – the moose just aren’t staying alert.

For safety’s sake maybe I should just stay out of the US until they get the beasts to drive responsibly and stay alert.


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