And In The News Today…

It is that time of year again. For two weeks I will be spending the majority of my time (weather permitting) sitting on the beach with a book. More than one book – I hope to get through at least ten in 14 days.

In order to do that I need to concentrate, stay focused and not allow myself to be distracted. Hopefully I will be able to do that, but if something world-shattering happens that I just must comment on, then I will have to find an internet connection. Barring that, I am going to set up some automatic posts, just so you know I haven’t forgotten you.

Since I am going to be reading, I thought it appropriate to share a different picture each day (worth a thousand words after all), something related to reading, books or language. When you see them you know that I am enjoying myself. And if it rains for the two weeks I’ll still be reading, just not on the beach.  

I’d dedicate this one to the American people and their electoral system, but that would probably be a cheap shot.



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