President Trump! I’m Available!

I gather there is a vacancy at the White House. If not immediately, then perhaps in five or ten minutes, once the next person quits or is fired.

I have resisted writing about the chaos that is American politics these days. International trade and security are begging for comment, but I am holding off. The drive to repeal Obamacare is fascinating. Is it wise to replace bad policy with worse? At some point we may find out.

Then there is the revolving door for White House staff. Yesterday it was the Director of Communications, axed after ten days on the job. Barely enough time for the staff to learn how he takes his coffee.

I was thinking. President Trump was sworn in around the middle of January. Is there anyone who was working at the White House then who is still on staff? Not counting relatives of course. (I have seen first-hand what happens when politicians hire relatives. It isn’t a pretty picture.) That sort of turnover can’t be good for the smooth running of the country.

Anyway, I have a couple of months before I “officially” start my new position (unofficial work already happens). I could help out at the White House. Communications seems to be an area where some expertise is needed. I could do that. Admittedly my French is weak, but I don’t think that is an issue in Washington.

The fact I only have two months available probably isn’t a hindrance. I would expect to last longer than the ten days for the last Director of Communications, but I would probably get fired from the reality TV show that is Apprentice: White House. I have this affinity for the truth that might cause problems.

Working at the White House is pretty much the apex for anyone looking for a career as a political staffer, which might explain why there are always people to fill the vacancies. I’m not really serious about wanting to work there though.

If I was, I’d reduce this post to 140 characters and tweet it to the President. Scary thing is, he might hire me.



  1. Tweet it to the president. I dare you.Two-month stint

  2. “Barely enough time for the staff to learn how he takes his coffee.”
    So true. Did they even bother printing business cards when staff are all short-term?

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