Women Who Move Mountains

In the glove compartment of my car is the manual that came with the vehicle. When we first purchased it I consulted it frequently, as I learned what all the switches were. Now it is more of an occasional thing.

I wonder if at times we treat prayer that way. Everyone knows what prayer is, but when was the last time you looked at the manual? Did you even think of there being a manual?9780764219146

Sue Detweiler’s new book Women Who Move Mountains may be directed at women but there are definitely truths in it that men can relate to. Not to mention that we males tend to look at things through masculine eyes. Detweiler’s feminine take on some Scripture passages (such as the stories of Mary and Martha or the woman caught in adultery) I found to be extremely helpful in augmenting my understanding of them.

This is a book on prayer and its power that is at the same time motivational and practical. It is designed to be read by individuals and studied by a group. The group study option probably appeals more to women than men, as prayer can be a rather emotional topic and we guys aren’t all that enthused about sharing our emotions in a group. I won’t say if that is a good or bad thing.

I was very appreciative of the way she set the book up, with a chapter of motivation and inspiration followed by a chapter explaining just how to put the previous words into practice.

After all, as Detweiler says, “prayer is not an option.” That doesn’t mean it is always easy though: “You and I are not promised a pain-free existence, but we are promised an overcoming life.”

I read this book on the bus on the way to and from work. It is a smooth, easy read but I found not a fast one. I kept stopping to think about what I had just read, and to reread some lines a second or even a third time to ponder their meaning.

This is a book that I found encouraging. Prayer is something that should be easy for anyone, it is just talking with God, right? There seems to be a lot of people who don’t find it easy at all. Detweiler points out that: “We tend to make prayer too difficult. And religious.” And furthermore: “You have been called to pray.”

There have been thousands of books written on prayer. Some are scholarly and academic, others can come across so spiritual as to be almost unintelligible. Women Who Move Mountains is neither of those. It is practical and personable, challenging without being overwhelming. Well worth the read, no matter where you would place yourself spiritually.



And just a couple of choice quotes from the book for you to contemplate:

“God is not an abusive negligent dad who will scold you if you don’t pray correctly.”

“If our childhood wounds are not healed we simply carry them into adulthood.”

“We live on an orphan planet, where so many of us have been rejected and have deeply wounded hearts.”

“Getting free is a process. Staying free is a life-long journey.”

“Book has been provided courtesy of Baker Publishing Group and Graf-Martin Communications, Inc.”



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