Baseball in 2017

I did something last night that I would never have dreamed of doing when I was younger. I guess that shows there are changes that come with age.IMG_20170518_205813

I was at the Ottawa Champions baseball team opening game. I left in the seventh inning. A baseball game takes at least nine innings.

The Champions play in the Can-Am League, a minor pro circuit, and last season they lived up to their name and were tops in the league. That meant that before the first pitch last night there were ceremonies, including a trophy presentation and flag raising, not to mention team introductions. Then there was a 45-minute rain delay in the third inning.

All of which made for a later night than I had planned. So I picked a departure time and stuck to it. I take public transit to the stadium and service is poor. I know that from experience. Baseball can run on forever, there is no clock, and it is theoretically possible to be stranded at the ballpark after the buses stop running.IMG_20170518_205754

So I chose my departure time and stuck to it. I didn’t feel too bad, given that the Champions had scored three times in the sixth and had a 7-1 lead as I left the ballpark.

As I waited for the bus I reflected on how I would never have done that when I was younger. Leaving a pro sporting event before the game was over would have seemed somehow sacrilegious, no matter how far behind the home team was.

I still don’t know if I could bring myself to leave a hockey or football game early, but with those the end is always in sight given that they are clock driven. With baseball you just don’t know.

Leaving last night’s game early may have been a sign of maturity. Today is a work day and I shouldn’t stay up late if I have to work in the morning. Or maybe it is a sign of old age, that I have lost the sense of excitement I once had.

What would you have done? Stayed to the bitter end, or left in time to catch a bus at a reasonable hour?


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