St. Margaret’s Church

It’s not that I am cheap, it was a matter of timing.IMG_9555

I didn’t pay the twenty pounds (almost forty Canadian dollars) to see Westminster Abbey because I only had a couple of hours and I know from experience a visit to the Abbey takes much longer if you really want to see everything. That would mean seeing nothing else of note in my free morning in London.

I have come to accept admission fees for churches. Maintaining an historic building is expensive, and if the biggest expense is dealing with tourists, then why shouldn’t they pay? After all, you can still see the church for free if you attend services.IMG_9556

Which I may do next time. In York a few years ago I attended Evensong at the cathedral there. That was enough for my wife, but I returned the next day and paid for the full tour. No regrets (and you can find the posts here).

I have been to Westminster Abbey a couple of times anyway, but it has been 16 years since the last time (which was a hasty, organized tour visit), so a refresher might be in order. Maybe the next time I am in London – there always is hope for a next time.IMG_9557

All of which is a long way of saying I wound up instead in the adjacent St. Margaret’s Church Westminster, a place I don’t remember visiting before. Sir Walter Raleigh is among the notable people buried there.

I am, by nature, a rule follower. Actually, that is not strictly correct. I usually don’t see the necessity to break rules, even if sometimes I consider them silly. I am a strong believer in conserving energy, and breaking rules usually takes too much effort.

Therefore, if I had seen the sign at the entrance saying photography wasn’t permitted, I would have reluctantly obeyed it. I don’t usually use a flash, so my picture taking doesn’t disturb those nearby. Which is probably why no-one told me I shouldn’t be capturing the moment in time.IMG_9567

The rules have already been broken. So, having taken the pictures I thought I might as well share them.


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  1. Nice!

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