Today’s Date: December 22

It’s three days before Christmas. I was going to post something about Aleppo, but figured that would be depressing. Maybe next week, or early in the new year.

Then I thought about doing something about Christmas shopping. The craziness of the malls, the rude crowds. But that would mean doing research, and why would I want to experience that. Maybe I’ll wait until January to give any gifts – fewer people will be shopping next week, so the stores won’t be as crowded.

I suppose I could write something about the US college football Bowl games. But back in September, when I asked you what you liked and disliked about this blog, sports was ranked dead last. So I will forgo the opportunity, which is easy to do since US football is boring.

The turkey is still at the grocery store and I have no idea what is going to be on the menu for Christmas dinner except “food.” That sort of thing is on my “to do” list for today, but I seem to have lost a few hours recently. With the holidays approaching I am torn between doing what I should and just relaxing. My taste buds are suggesting they would like to experience some Christmas baking. I have some family recipes that have not been made yet this season. But where to find the time?

So for today while I try and get caught up at home and at work, I ask you to contemplate the picture below. You would think the sign maker might have pointed out the error to the event organizers, but maybe not. After all, the location is wrong also. The place is actually the Royal Canadian Legion.

Just for the record, no children were injured in the production of today’s post.


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