What is Donald Trump?

I have a friend who regularly posts cartoons from The New Yorker on her Facebook page. I’m very appreciative of that since I would never remember to go looking for them on my own.

Yesterday, when I laughed at the Jeopardy influenced cartoon that so obviously referenced the social and political climate in the United States that has brought us President-elect Trump, I thought “I really should pass that on.”

So here you are. Wednesday is a long day for some people. For others it is only 24 hours. Whichever it is for you, I hope this brings a smile to your face.



  1. Facts matter –

    Donald had really done his homework on this and found an old executive order written by Kennedy that forbids US officials from traveling to state funerals of dictators who denounce this great country. Castro held onto his hatred for America until the day he died and now he can rot in hell with it. Donald told Obama that if he went to the funeral he’d be in violation and would be locked up come January 21st. If he rescinded the order he’d be telling Americans he thought it was OK to send dignitaries to the funerals of terrorists.

    1. I’m not sure of the relevance to the post, but I’ll play the game. And the Executive Order number from the Kennedy era was? (Executive orders are numbered. If this tale is true then provide the number please so we can all look it up.)

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