First World Problem

I don’t, as a general rule, drink hot drinks. As far as I am concerned, the colder the better.

Refrigeration usually doesn’t make things cold enough, I need to put ice in my drink. More accurately, I put drink in my ice. I fill a glass or cup with ice, then add water, juice or a soft drink.

At work I am known for my frequent trips to the ice machine in the basement of the building. The ice in my drinks always melts, so I make the trek downstairs three or four times daily.

So imagine my horror yesterday when I discovered the ice machine was broken. There is a new one, but it was not hooked up yet. No ice in the building.

I found a solution: the next building has two ice machines. I can walk over there to fill my mug. This requires an extra two minutes of my time.

The question is: should I file a grievance? Is ice a constitutional or legal right? Is having to go to the next building a hardship? Or should I just enjoy the 30 seconds of fresh air I get when I make the trip?



One comment

  1. I still love that one of the first things you felt the need to tell me when I saw you in the basement of the building was, “you know, there’s an ice machine down here if you need ice”. I am sorry to hear that you have to make the trek next door for now, but hopefully the new ice machine will be worth the wait. – Adam

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