St. George’s Cathedral

I have walked by this church dozens of times in my life, but had never looked inside before last month.

It is the oldest Anglican Church in English Canada. That surprised me a little, given that the building was constructed in 1825. I would have expected there to be Anglican churches in what is now Ontario several years before that, which it turns out was the case. This building replaced one built in 1791, and services had been held for a while before that in Fort Frontenac.

It isn’t an elaborate structure, but I found there is a sense of peace and beauty in its simplicity. The side balconies, I was told, are for the student cadets at Royal Military College. I gathered from our guide (who I think was just a helpful congregant) that attendance at church is no longer mandatory for those students, except perhaps once just before graduation.

On a sunny Saturday it was nice to take a break from the crowds that can frequently be found in downtown Kingston in tourist season and get a feel for a building that has been a place of Christian worship for almost 200 years. Compared to the great cathedrals of Europe that seems like practically no time at all. Looking at it from a different angle though, people were worshipping at St. George’s long before Canada became a nation.

I’ll let you look up the history. Today I am going to let the photos speak for themselves.


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