I don’t know where this picture came from or what it is doing on my computer. What I do know is that I couldn’t decide what to post today. After cat pictures I think food pictures are the most common thing shared on the internet. But I don’t understand why anyone would care about any meal I have eaten. So enjoy this random piece of cake, and we’ll see what pops up tomorrow.


(I think this post does qualify as truly random. If not, I ask your forgiveness. And if this turns out to be my most popular post ever I promise to start taking pictures of my food. Though I will admit I eat for the taste not the looks.)


  1. Laurie McLean · · Reply

    What a beautiful cake. Sorry you didn’t save me a piece, but then again, maybe the picture is five years old.

    1. The picture is at least five years old. And I don’t recognize the cake, no idea why the pic is on my computer. Somebody probably sent it to me (the picture, not the cake).

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