When my children were younger I wrote a weekly column, “Modern Parenting” for The Pembroke Observer newspaper. Being a stay-at-home dad was rare in our small town in 1991; people wanted to hear about my adventures. When I started this blog I promised to republish some of those old pieces, then I got sidetracked.The past couple of weeks I have shared half a dozen or so.

I found these questions tucked into the file where I stored those old columns. I don’t know when I jotted down these words. Perhaps it was a column idea that I just never fleshed out. If you’ve ever been the parent of a three-year-old these questions may seem a little familiar. I wonder of they were all asked the same day – it’s quite possible. I’m sure I tried to answer them all. But I won’t offer those answers here, I’ll leave that as your assignment for today.

Why are there fish in that river? When is the storm going to come? Why is that siren going? Where is that car going? What does that sign say? Why did that dog bark? Where are we going? Why is it sunny out? Why is it cold out?   Why is it hot out? Why is it raining? Why did you say that? Why do I have to have a bath?



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