Your Wednesday Morning Rant

It happened again. I blame my mother.

I don’t blame her for the fact that I check the obituary listing in the daily newspaper. I’ve reached the point in my life where fairly often I’ll see a death notice for someone I know (or the parent of someone I know). It doesn’t hurt to be informed.

But I blame my mother for my reading notices for people I have no connection with. And I blame her for my noticing one particular obituary this week.

I have mentioned this before as one of my mother’s pet peeves, but now it also has become of mine.

The death notice in question was for a recently deceased man who had a long and full life, having been born in 1915. He died about four months shy of his 101st birthday, at what certainly would be considered a ripe old age.

As I write this, the world’s oldest living person, according to Wikipedia, is a 116-year-old American woman. The oldest Canadian is 110.

Give that, was there any reason to list that the gentleman was “predeceased by his parents”?

After all, if they were still alive the odds are pretty good they would be the two oldest people in the world, unless they somehow managed to meet, fall in love, marry and have children all before reaching puberty. Assuming they were dead by the time their son passed the century mark seems pretty safe.

Newspaper classified ads though are sold by the word. And now you know why it is so important to put in “predeceased by his parents” and list their names.


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