Time For Spring!


I’m writing this on the bus, having had to take off my gloves to do so. It is unseasonably cold, about ten degrees below seasonal norms. And that doesn’t include the wind chill, which yesterday was -20. Or the snow forecast for tomorrow. It doesn’t feel like Spring.

We don’t talk about global warming anymore. That may be because we Canadians don’t quite believe in that – we know anecdotally that our weather seems to be getting colder. Now it is all about “climate change,” which seems rather nebulous. We even have a federal minister of climate change, though whether she is supposed to combat it or initiate it is unclear to me. Warmer looks pretty good right now.

By this time in April I have washed the hats, scarves and gloves to pack them away for the summer (though I may not have shoved that box in the basement just yet). The baseball season has started, but nobody is playing outdoor sports here except the downhill skiers.

All of which is a roundabout way of introducing the video below. It came to mind when I was looking at what are probably tulips trying to establish themselves in front of my house. The day after I noticed the green shoots they were covered by a blanket of snow, which has since melted. They must be pretty confused: is this Winter or Spring?

I don’t remember this cartoon from my childhood. I’m of that in-between generation I guess. The comments on YouTube indicate a lot of people saw it on television in the 90’s, but they didn’t show such stuff when I was a kid.

I did see it for the first time in the nineties though, on videotape (something else that didn’t exist in my childhood). It was on a collection of classic cartoons I picked up somewhere to entertain my children. Being from 1936 would make it vintage, though not necessarily classic, but I won’t quibble. I felt that older animation was better than what was being produced in the nineties, and wanted to make sure my children were exposed to the good stuff.

I also introduced them to a fair amount of Hanna-Barbera material: Yogi Bear, Huckleberry Hound, The Jetsons and The Flintstones come immediately to mind. I suspect in those cases it wasn’t as much for their edification as to allow me to regress to childhood.

Anyway, given the chill I face each morning as I head for the bus, this cartoon, with its struggle between Winter and Spring seems somehow appropriate.


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  1. Poor confused tulips… We have almost the same weather in Russia.

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