I could have posted today about the death of Jefferson Airplane/Jefferson Starship leader Paul Kantner, but I’m not going to. If I post about every rock star that dies it’s going to be a long year.

So, on a lighter note, this afternoon the National Hockey League showcases its talent in the annual All Star game. I’ll be travelling and unable to watch, which is a shame. I never watch the game, but this year I was going to because John Scott is playing.

I’d never heard of John Scott until a couple of weeks ago when he was chosen by the fans to be on the All Star team. The NHL establishment was not amused, but it was their own fault for allowing internet voting.

Scott apparently is best known for fighting, not his hockey skills, but someone came up with the idea of voting a non-star on to the team and the idea took off. When you allow internet voting stuff like that can happen. (Memo to Canada’s Minister of Democratic Reform: Please allow internet voting in the next election. There isn’t much difference between Justin Trudeau and Justin Bieber, except one sells more records. Both are into selfies.)

The NHL reacted in horror that perhaps the worst player in the league was selected to the team. For some reason Scott was traded and demoted to the American Hockey League, making him ineligible for the NHL All Star game. Strange how that happened after he rejected a league request to step down. Public outcry forced them to reinstate him to the All Star team, though that doesn’t make up for the lost income and the fact he now plays for a team located almost a continent away from his wife and children.

What gets lost in all the noise is that John Scott is a pretty good hockey player. He may be the worst in the NHL, I don’t know, I don’t follow the league that closely. I know he has only scored something like six goals in five years. But playing in the NHL still makes him in the top 750 hockey players in the world. That’s pretty impressive. Most of us will never be considered in the top 750 of our profession.

I hope John Scott has a great time at the All Star game. After all, he is representing the fans who wanted to see him there. The NHL brass may not understand, but the fans get it.

By all accounts John Scott is a great teammate, a hardworking player who came to terms long ago with the fact that he would never be a superstar. He shows up to work and does his job, giving it his all. He is someone that the average person can identify with, which may explain why the idea of voting him onto the All Star team caught on. Most of us aren’t superstars either. It’s nice to see hard work get rewarded. It’s a shame the people who run the NHL take themselves so seriously and didn’t understand what a great public relations opportunity they had been offered.


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  1. A man after my own heart. Odd, wasn’t it – to cheer for John. My boys and I honestly hoped he’d have a good game – and he came out with a great game!

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