Hiking In The Rose Valley

For more than a year I have been meaning to tell you about an afternoon spent wandering through the Rose Valley in Cappadocia, Turkey. And I just never seen to find the time to sit down and tel the tale, to really do the place justice.

I don’t have time to do that today either, so I’m going to give you the next best thing. Some pictures to brighten your Sunday, and I promise I will write that post soon. (Oh, and if you didn’t know it, the pictures should enlarge when you click on them. At least they do on my computer.)



  1. Sandy Blank · · Reply

    Lorne, my son Mike sent me your blog on Cappadocia. Thank you for an interesting read and some “tags” that will enable me to easily armchair explore more of Turkey. Ted and I have been to Ephesus three times, once with our children. Since our first visit it has always been a dream of mine to visit the Seven Churches of Asia Minor.It’s not going to happen due to physical restraints and now, the safety issue. Sandy Blank

    1. Ephesus was on my list, but couldn’t find the time to get there – I only had a week off work. Next trip perhaps. Physical issues that limit travel are always a challenge, but I wouldn’t let safety stop me from visiting the Seven Churches – I think it is relatively safe where they were. Not that there is really much to see there anymore. I got close to ancient Nineveh last year, and as a big fan of Jonah’s I would love to have seen it, but these days ISIS controls it, and they behead tourists.

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