Sharia Law

I see in the newspaper that Chiheb Esseghaier, who is in prison for plotting to derail a passenger train, is seeking a new trial. That’s not surprising; but it isn’t going to happen, I hope.

Apparently Esseghaier thinks he should be tried under Sharia law and not the Criminal Code of Canada. A Tunisia student living in Montreal (and presumably enjoying life in Canada, or else why would he study here?) was adamant at his first trial that the Criminal Code was not a “holy book” and he should only be tried under the rules of a holy book such as the Quran..

As a doctoral student I am assuming he knew he was in Canada and had a certain amount of familiarity with our laws and culture. We have along legal tradition that suits us just fine thank you, with roots that go back long before Mohammed dreamed up the Quran. If he wanted a Sharia law trial he should have committed his offence in his native Tunisia, or Saudi Arabia instead of a country with a tradition of justice, mercy and rehabilitation. Of course if he had committed his crime there then there would be no talk of another trial; he would have already been beheaded.

I have to wonder about Esseghaier’s sanity though (and maybe insanity would have been a legally valid defence he could have tried). If he wants a trial under Sharia law that must mean he thinks he would be acquitted not convicted of his crimes.

What does that say about Islam, or at least his version of it?


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