Another Scamming Attempt

One thing I have discovered in writing this blog is that I am a little more aware of things that happen around me that might make interesting reading. That makes this post your fault.

I received a message on Skype that “Angela” wanted to be added to my contact list. This did not seem normal. I rarely use Skype; I probably only have half a dozen contacts.

I wasn’t really paying much attention. I do know people with the same surname that she was using, so rather than just decline I used Skype’s messaging system to ask a question, which led to a conversation. Of sorts.

I was amused, so I will reproduce it here, verbatim (those aren’t my spelling mistakes). I can’t resist adding some commentary also.

Me: Your name doesn’t ring a bell. Why would I add you?

Angela: i got ure name from the profile directory here on skype cuz i was bored and lookin for new people to talk to. lol
Angela: 25/f here u? (Why is age or gender relevant if all you are looking for is someone to talk to? By this point I think I have figured it out. But I will play along to make sure.)

Me: Ancient male.

Angela: well whatcha doin? (What business is it of yours?)

Me: I suspect this is a prelude to a commercial suggestion? If so I am not interested.

Angela: i’m just enjoying my summer break from school, i’m still in university right now so i’m pretty excited ya know (With such a grasp of spelling and punctuation I’m sure you will be in university a long time. Though perhaps a return to grammar school would be in order. )

Me: That is nice.

Angela: lol, welll i have an idea if ure up for a lil fun

Me: As I said, I am not interested in a commercial proposition.

Angela: i was actually going to be getting to my “job” here shortly. my girlfriend was working online and i kept askin her about it so she showed me what she was doing when we got back to school after christmas break
lol i thought she was nuts at first, but its pretty cool actually. we work online doing private webcam shows which sounded nuts at first trust me. but i freakin luv it!!!

Me: No thanks.

Angela: well what i was going to say is i have some free passes and i usually just do a private show before i get started to “warm up” lol. no one is online though so i was going to give u one of the passes if u wanted but u have to give me a really good rating so i can get more if u do tho k?

Me: No thanks.

Angela Sherwood: dont u worry tho… ill earn it lol. k its http://xxxxxxxxxxx and u should see a lil button to accept my invite and create your profile. u just click on that. (I redacted the web address, you probably didn’t want it anyway.)
then you just make ure own username or w/e and u can cumm join my private chat for the 2 of us and type to me and tell me what you want me to do

Me: It is funny that for a supposed university student you have a distinct inability to grasp the concept of “no.”

Angela: yea u are going to need a cc of sum kind… but, its just to make sure ure over 18
this is the “special” page for special ppl!! loll im such a goofball sumtimes (Why would I want to give any financial information to a self-described “goofball.?” And do people really believe that such information wouldn’t get immediately sold to the highest bidder? The less than literate language choices are really beginning to irritate me. I admit it, I’m a snob when it comes to English usage.)

Me: At this point I am of the opinion that this is an automated computer program and I am just typing to see if it runs out of responses. (I was right, as you can see by the next few messages.)

Angela: i really can’t wait too this is goin to be so much fun. i love meeting new ppl on here, oh by the way… might wanna turn ure speakers down cuz i can get a lil loud once i get going (At this point I’m beginning to get repulsed. Why would any rational person be interested in such a thing?)

Me: As long as I type the computer will respond, is that it?

Angela: i’m about to go grab some of my favorite “toys” i’ll brb. hurry up though i better see ure name in my room when i get back lol

Me: You are a piece of software, you don’t know what my name is.

And that was the end of it. I guess there are scams everywhere these days. When you go online you become a target. I never heard from “Angela” again. I do wonder though how many people fall for this one.


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