Waiting For a Plane V – They Do What

I was traveling for a couple of weeks last month. I spent a lot of time in airports. In each one I had time on my hands. As a result I wrote at least one post in each of the airports, which I will post over the next few days. After that, castles and Roman ruins and some things that will surprise you and (I hope) interest you.

I know people will sometimes put strange things into their bodies in the hopes of getting high, but this was a new one for me. And I am left with so many questions!

Frankfurt airport seems to have dozens of enclosed spaces labelled “Camel Smoking Zone.” Since I saw no camels in the enclosures, I can only assume that these are places where people can smoke camels. It must be a dangerous activity since the people who do it are separated from the rest of the traveling public.IMG-20150521-00392

But where do they get the camels? Obviously there is some sort of regulation involved and this sort of activity is only permitted in designated areas. Are the camels bred domestically, or are they imported from the Arabian Peninsula? Do they have one hump or two? If enough people start smoking camels, is it possible they will become an endangered species? What will that do to the Arab nomads who depend on camels for their livelihood? Should there be government regulation somehow?

There are other questions as well. How do you smoke a camel? It is a large animal after all, are some parts better than others for getting high? I am presuming the camels are dried or cured first. Or something. Are camels addictive? Is treatment available for those who want to kick the habit? Who pays for that?

So many questions. So few answers readily apparent.IMG-20150521-00393IMG-20150521-00395

Written at Frankfurt Airport, May 21, 2015.


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  1. […] of pictures, I remember that much. The smokers’ lounge in Munich is pretty large, larger than the one I saw in Frankfurt a couple of years ago. Packed with people […]

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