The Legacy

Every so often as I travel on the Internet I come across a piece of writing that strikes a chord. There is a blog that I follow because every day it posts a classic Dilbert comic strip, and I am a big Dilbert fan. There is usually a piece of “inspirational” writing as well, most of which is the tear-jerking type that doesn’t appeal to me.

But this piece I liked enough to reproduce here, especially as it is attributed rather than the more typical “author unknown.” I thought about adding some things to it myself, because I think the piece would be better if there was more of a spiritual component, but I didn’t want to have my additions incorporated into the original and get the attribution wrong if it gets reposted somewhere. This was apparently originally written someone named Rick Beneteau, who appears to have had a varied career and these days is somewhat of a self-help/motivational type of person. I’m always leery about that sort of thing, so please, my decision to reproduce this one thing should not be construed as an endorsement.

I liked this short piece because at times we all need to pause and take stock of our lives, to see if we are the people we aspire to be.

The Legacy

All You will leave behind for the world to remember is Your Legacy.

So ask yourself…

Will you have earned the respect of your peers and the admiration of your critics?

Will you have acted humbly at the peak of success and graceful in the face of defeat?

Will you have kept your childlike wonder and reveled in the beauty of the world and the small miracles that each day brought?

Will you be remembered for how often you laughed and brought smiles to the hearts of others?

Will small children and the elderly have been overjoyed to be around you?

Will others have trusted you with their inner most secrets?

Will you have forgiven and offered heartfelt apology?

Will you have looked for the very best, and done your utmost to build worth, in others?

Will you have fed a hungry child or clothed a naked man or given hope to a stranger in dire need?

Will you have left this world a better place by the life you have lived?

Ask yourself… what Legacy will You Leave?

– Rick Beneteau


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