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And Even More From Stein Am Rhein

One last photo set, for now at least, showing the frescoes on the buildings – one of theĀ  principal reasons tourists flock to this Swiss town.

More From Stein Am Rhein

A photo post today, pictures of buildings and their frescoes in this quaint Swiss town.  

Stone At The Rhine

If the title of today’s post seems like nonsense, you’re right. But it is the English translation of the name of a picturesque Swiss town. I will admit I had never heard of Stein Am Rhein, a place that I gather is a popular tourist destination. I probably don’t read enough guidebooks. It was a […]

Built To Last

Stein Am Rhein, Switzerland, is a tourist mecca – primarily I think because of its architecture. This house in particular caught my eye. Haus Vetter (Cousin’s House) dates back to 1473, though I suspect there may have been an upgrade or two since then. Canadian houses aren’t expected to last that long. I’m wondering why […]

Preserving Cultural Heritage

I almost missed it. Probably because it obviously didn’t apply to me. I’m sure it wasn’t directed at you either. The sign was in one of the courtyards of a thousand-year-old monastery in the Swiss town of Stein am Rhein. We had just determined that we weren’t going to tour the monastery, deterred not by […]