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Black Friday Wins

Resistance is futile. We have been assimilated. No, it is not Star Trek‘s Borg that have conquered, it is American culture. Although culture is probably too high-brow a word to describe Black Friday. It is a peculiarly American festival, an orgy of consumerism that falls the day after American Thanksgiving. Call it the Protestant version […]

Star Trek at 50

Don’t forget that my reader survey ends tomorrow. I really would like your feedback and it will only take a couple of minutes. You can find it here. I noticed a few days ago that Thursday was the 50th anniversary of the initial broadcast of the first Star Trek television show. I thought about marking […]

The Martian

When the Oscar nominees were announced last week I noted that I had not seen any of the films in the Best Picture category (or most other nominated films for that matter). If I was ambitious, or had more time, I would make it my mission to see all the nominees before the awards are […]

Live Long and Prosper

Leonard Nimoy died yesterday, at age 83, felled by tobacco even though he quit smoking 30 years ago. Star Trek’s Mr. Spock is dead, for good this time – unlike in the movies. Although I never met Leonard Nimoy, I did meet James Doohan, one of his co-stars in the original Star Trek series. In […]