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Is It Monday Already?

I couldn’t help myself. I watched the American presidential debate last night. That after a day of family activities to celebrate Thanksgiving (which is today here). I figured I would finish the post I had planned for today once the debate was over. But the baseball game between the Texas Rangers and Toronto Blue Jays […]

Golf For The Average Person

I am not, and have never claimed to be an athlete. Couch potato is more my style, though with a book, not watching television. So it might surprise you to discover that in my teenage years I gave serious consideration to a career as a professional athlete. Mind you, it wasn’t one of those physically […]

Do You Care?

The Summer Olympic Games officially kick off today in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (though some events have already started). Does anyone care? Certainly the athletes do. For many this is the apex of their athletic careers, medal or no medal. But does the public care? Or have we judged the Olympic spectacle to be not […]

The Athlete

When my children were younger I wrote a weekly column, “Modern Parenting” for The Pembroke Observer newspaper. Being a stay-at-home dad was rare in our small town in 1991; people wanted to hear about my adventures. When I started this blog I promised to republish some of those old pieces, then I got sidetracked.   Over […]

Dollars and Sense

Sports salaries have long passed any relation to reality, but baseball seems to be taking things to new heights. I don’t begrudge the exorbitant earnings of athletes. The worker is, after all, worthy of his hire. Professional athletes in a capitalist system may be well paid – but they would not get that money if […]

Canadian Tradition

The boards have been up for a month now. Still no snow on the ground, but everyone knows it is coming. The city can’t wait for the cold weather to put up the skating rink boards in the local park. There are so many parks, they have to start early. This being Canada, a skating […]

Watching The World Cup

It is arguably the biggest sporting event in the world, even bigger than the Olympics. Also held every four years, the FIFA World Cup dominates most of the world for a month or so – pretty much everywhere except North America. Here the sport that the rest of the world refers to as football has […]