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Free At Last

I wish him well. Even more, I hope he meets Jesus. A Canadian court Monday determined that Omar Khadr had served his full sentence and was no longer subject to any legal restrictions. He and I now have equal standing before the law. He can apply for a passport, travel and associate with his family. […]

More Reflections on Omar

There has been continued discussion in Canada of the $10.5 million payment made by the federal government to former child soldier Omar Khadr. According to polling, 71% of Canadians are opposed to the deal. Of those who support the governing Liberals, 61% are opposed. Most of the reaction I’ve seen has been emotional, no matter […]

A Matter of Justice?

I had a post planned for today. I was just checking the spelling when the rumour became reality: The Government of Canada has apologized to Omar Khadr and is handing him a cheque for $10,500,000 for his suffering. I think it is fair to describe this as a cowardly act on the part of the […]