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Not Just Nostalgia

Led Zeppelin is dead. Robert Plant rocks on. Sunday night at Cityfolk the former Zepp vocalist performed a delicate balancing act, giving the fans the old songs from the seventies that they craved while showcasing his newer material. Songs like “The May Queen” and the title track to his latest work, “Carry Fire,” were blended […]

A Whole Lotta Love

Cityfolk starts today, Ottawa’s annual folk music extravaganza. For me it’s a trip down memory lane, as Robert Plant will close the festival Sunday night. You may not think of the former Led Zeppelin frontman as a folk artist, but the “folk” in Cityfolk has some elasticity. After all, the last time I saw Plant […]

High Praise

One of the things I miss about radio is the immediate feedback, people calling in to tell you they appreciate the song you just played, to make a request or sometimes just to chat. I don’t get that in my current radio gig, though there is the occasional email contact with listeners, if the customer […]