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Thursday Fart Joke

My first thought was that six-year-old boys would probably roll on the floor in laughter – but only if they speak English. German children wouldn’t see the humor. It’s another holiday in Germany, one that I never remember being mentioned in Canada. It is Ascension Day. For some reason, until this week I never heard […]

All Hallow’s Eve

It is August. I am sure of that because I read it on the calendar. Though my first visit of the year to a Canadian grocery store had me wondering.   It had been ten months since my last visit, and there had been a few changes at my local store, more that is than just […]

Always On Vacation

My classmates didn’t believe the words printed in our textbook. They had to ask me: “is this true?” I assured them it was. Part of language lessons is imparting knowledge that will be useful as you integrate into a new society. Vacations are part of that, which means we had a page focusing on German […]

Another Day, Another Holiday

In Canada when there is a holiday approaching everyone knows it. Every store has a sign in the front door giving their holiday hours. Whether it is closing early Christmas eve, or just for the morning on November 11 to commemorate Remembrance Day, they want their customers to be informed well in advance, so they […]

Another Day, Another Holiday

Another day, another German holiday. Second of four this month. Does no-one have to work in this country? In Canada we seem to be able to count on a day off each month, more or less. Whatever date the holiday is supposed to be, we observe it on the nearest Monday. Here it seems the […]

Cultural Differences IX – Holidays

It was Friday night, getting late, and our hostess casually mentioned, “of course, tomorrow is a holiday.” Nobody told me. I knew Saturday was January 6. I knew in the church calendar that is Epiphany, the dated celebrated for the arrival of the Magi. But I’m from Canada; it never occurred to me that the […]

Thanksgiving 2015

It is Thanksgiving Day in Canada today. I was going to give you a list of things I am thankful for, but I’m really not a list-maker, or at least not today. I could have shown you some pictures of the walk my wife and I did yesterday afternoon, taking in the fall foliage. The […]