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A Storm By Different Names

I thought naming storms was limited to hurricanes and typhoons. Which means that Sabine has taken me by surprise. Not the storm itself – people in my area of Germany have been talking about it for days. On Saturday events scheduled for this evening were being cancelled. On a bright sunny day that surprised me. […]

Brexit Sunshine

Did the sun rise this morning? I guess Brexit wasn’t so catastrophic after all. The United Kingdom is no longer a member of the European Union, though the details of the divorce may not be finalized until the end of 2020. Until then I expect there will be a certain sense of uncertainty. My guess […]

Frustration Sets In

Allow me to vent for a minute. I was just in the kitchen, and killed at least a dozen flies. There were more when I finished than when I started. It is 31 degrees Celsius, so closing the windows isn’t really an option. I want to cook some food, but not myself. In Canada this […]

What Election?

There’s an election going on, and I have no idea what the issues are. For a political junkie, that is painful. Even worse, I just discovered there are not one but two elections underway in my area right now. I don’t have a vote in either. I think. Today I’m going to ignore Sulzburg’s municipal […]

Killer On The Loose

I am a killer. And I make no apologies for that. At least this time I remembered to take a picture. When vacationing in Europe a few years ago, I noted the absence of screens on the windows and wondered if perhaps Europe didn’t have the same issue with insects that we have in North […]

Freiburg Cathedral I

It was a grey Saturday when we were in Freiburg last month, but we visited the cathedral anyway. I’m not sure if that was the right move. Certainly the building is impressive from a distance, and just as impressive up close, even surrounded by the stalls of the Saturday farmers’ market. Inside though it felt […]

Cultural Differences – I

I mentioned not long ago that I was planning on doing a series of posts on cultural differences I had discovered between living in Canada and living in Germany. I’ve got a few posts started, but nothing finished yet. Then I remembered. When I started this blog most of my posts were reflections on a […]