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Grabbing Hold of Life

One year ago today, my mother died. I was with her as she passed through death into her new life. During her short illness I started a few posts about the experience, and have published a couple of them. I’m hoping to share the others when the emotions are a little less raw. Today though […]

My Mother’s Bedside

  When I was five years old, I got very sick. It was only when I as an adult that I realized that I almost died. If you had asked me at the time, I would have told you I was in hospital for a year. Time passes very slowly when you are five.  I […]

The Facebook Reminder

Facebook kept sending me reminders yesterday. One of the downsides to digital communication is that for such sites you can turn notifications on or off but can’t be selective. I didn’t need this reminder. It was a friend’s birthday, and Facebook wanted to be sure I remembered to write something on his timeline. After all, […]

Another Death In The Rock and Roll Family

When I saw Tom Petty perform in July it never occurred to me I was witnessing one of his last shows. The news of his death of cardiac failure earlier this week was a shock. I know there is a generation of performers who are aging and not likely to be with us much longer. […]

Celebrity Deaths

I once worked at the same radio station as Dan Ackroyd, before he shot to Hollywood fame. But not at the same time, so I never met him. I mention that in passing, as Ackroyd supposedly was at one time engaged to actress Carrie Fisher, who has died at age 60. I never met her […]

Post Funeral Reflections

I have never liked funerals. I much prefer the company of the living. When I was a child I was considered too young to attend, even funerals of family members. I kind of regret now that I didn’t get to say farewell to my maternal grandparents in that ceremony. Mind you, that is an adult […]

Considering Mortality

Today’s post was supposed to be a travel piece about the Italian city of Pompeii. Then circumstances changed. I was writing the post in the spot where most of these posts are written, on the bus traveling to my job on Parliament Hill. As we got near to my stop I was reflecting on the […]