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Canceling Easter

Sometimes you have to fight back. Sometimes you have to say “enough is enough.” The virus that just won’t go away has stymied politicians as they attempt to deal with a public health “crisis” that just doesn’t seem that urgent after a year. We’ve gotten used to COVID-19 and government interference in our lives, both […]

What If It Doesn’t End?

It doesn’t matter what country they are from or what their political philosophy is. COVID-19 is their worst nightmare. But not in the way you might think. Very few politicians worldwide have dealt with the pandemic with any degree of competence. At least that is the way it looks from my vantage point, and I […]

Walking The Dog

What would you do for love? Would you let your spouse lead you around on a leash? In public? That was what a Quebec couple did earlier this month. Police were not amused. The couple were ticketed and fined – $1,546 dollars. It wasn’t the leash that was the problem. Or even that the woman […]

What Pandemic Rights?

What is the responsibility of the state to keep its citizens healthy? Who decides what is appropriate? Where I live you are no longer allowed to walk along the streets, unless you are going to the doctor or the grocery store.  Police or other officials can stop you and ask where you are going. There […]