My Apologies

It is that time of year again. For two weeks I will be spending the majority of my time (weather permitting) sitting on the beach with a book. More than one book – I hope to get through at least ten in 14 days.

In order to do that I need to concentrate, stay focused and not allow myself to be distracted. Hopefully I will be able to do that, but if something world-shattering happens that I just must comment on, then I will have to find an internet connection. Barring that, I am going to set up some automatic posts, just so you know I haven’t forgotten you.

Since I am going to be reading, I thought it appropriate to share a different picture each day (worth a thousand words after all), something related to reading, books or language. When you see them you know that I am enjoying myself. And if it rains for the two weeks I’ll still be reading, just not on the beach.  

I dislike puns. I really dislike puns. But sometimes I can’t help but pass one on.




  1. With this most recent one, if nothing else, you’ve got your readers eagerly awaiting your return to normal blogging.

    1. Back Monday. Not that I am sure my blogging is ever “normal.”

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