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Santa’s Flight and Santa’s Fight

It was 1983, which meant there was still a news wire in the radio station newsroom. I was working Christmas Eve and was keeping watch for breaking new stories. It was a quiet night, except for the recurring item from the North American Aerospace Defence Command (NORAD), which was tracking Santa Claus’ flight across North […]


For some reason a piece of what should rightly be considered Easter music has become an annual Christmas tradition around the world. For many people the season would not seem right without taking in a performance of Handel’s Messiah. I think we have four recordings of G.F. Handel’s most famous oratorio on compact disc. We […]

The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies

I am a fan of the books of J.R.R. Tolkien, have been for almost 50 years, which pretty much means that I am not a huge fan of the three movies spawned from his first novel, The Hobbit. I just saw the last installment, The Battle of the Five Armies which opened in movie theatres […]

The Christmas Pageant

It was the three-year-olds on stage that impressed me. Not with their cuteness, though that seemed to be what most adults were focusing on. It was their poise. I didn’t pay much attention to the song, “Away in a Manger,” I think. They weren’t singing; that was the older children’s job (further back on the […]


I have always been a black and white sort of guy, with clear ideas of what is right and what is wrong. That belief in absolutes can put me at odds with the society and culture I live in. As I grow older though, I have softened a little, I think. Not in my belief […]

Memorial Museum of the Battle of Normandy

When we visited the Juno Beach Centre I came away with a feeling of not having heard the whole story. Don’t get me wrong – we thoroughly enjoyed the Centre and spent about six hours exploring it and the Beach. But I felt like something was missing. The Memorial Museum of the Battle of Normandy, […]

York Minster V – Rest In Peace

I have no idea what plans my children have, if any, for my earthly remains. Since I am planning on living forever, or at least a good long time, the subject hasn’t come up. How we deal with the physical shell that is our body post-mortem does vary from culture to culture and time to […]