Dinner Time (Cultural Differences XV)

Came across another cultural difference , but not one between Germany and Canada as I have been documenting here from time to time. This one surprised me. We were invited to dinner in a village about a 40-minute drive from our home in Sulzburg. Our hosts were celebrating their new apartment. They came here as […]

Too Much Information (Cultural Differences XIV)

I had to write a job application cover letter in my German class. I could not believe the example we were given. I have the luxury of being the oldest person in my class. While that makes language acquisition difficult, I don’t have the same pressures the other students face. My work is in English, […]

At The ATM – Cultural Differences XIV

I”m not sure this belongs with the occasional cultural differences series I have been doing from time to time to show differences between Germany/Europe and Canada/North America. Maybe it is just an automation thing. In Canada, when I go to withdraw money from an automated teller at my bank (or any other institution I have […]

Shopping German Style (Cultural Differences XIII)

About 25 years ago, maybe a little more, Canadians began changing the way they shopped. In some ways they were just catching up to Europe. The change was not in what we purchased or when we went to the store, but rather in how we took the goods we bought home. As paper bags had […]

On The Road Again (Cultural Differences XII)

Got my new driver’s licence this week. It was quite the process. I knew before moving to Germany that I would need a German driver’s licence, that foreigners were only permitted six months grace before they had to be local. What I didn’t realize was the difference in the procedure for obtaining a licence compared […]

The Crosswalk (Cultural Differences XI)

Maybe I’m reading too much into one instance, but…. Canadians for the most part are rule followers. It is part of our national psyche. Our Constitution promises us “peace order and good government” where our neighbors to the south aspire to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” (These days they probably are wishing for […]

The Kids On The Bus (Cultural Differences X)

When I was a child there were no school buses in our neighborhood; we had to walk to school. My mother tells me I was insistent on walking alone on my first day of kindergarten. I had not yet turned five. Supposedly she trailed me at a distance to ensure my safe arrival. Unnecessary really […]

Cultural Differences IX – Holidays

It was Friday night, getting late, and our hostess casually mentioned, “of course, tomorrow is a holiday.” Nobody told me. I knew Saturday was January 6. I knew in the church calendar that is Epiphany, the dated celebrated for the arrival of the Magi. But I’m from Canada; it never occurred to me that the […]

Chaos In The Streets (Cultural Differences VIII)

  I had been told that Germans celebrate the New Year with fireworks. Experiencing that was far more intense than the description. In Canada fireworks are a controlled affair for the most part. If a holiday is deemed important enough to warrant such pyrotechnics, it is usually the municipality that stages the show. Safety concerns […]

Cultural Differences VII – Baking

With our kitchen having been installed for a week it was time for Christmas baking. Past time really; in Canada I would be on to my second batch by this point. But could I pull it off? Baking requires more than just an oven… I have heard it said that a good workman never blames […]